Blue T-Shirts 

Blue T-shirts are the junior volunteers at the attic, who are aged between 11- 18. The blue T-shirts receive training on a Monday night at 4 O'clock before Kidz Club. Then the blue and red T-shirts sit down and have dinner, then two of the blue T-shirts do the dishes which is one of the jobs on a Monday night. Then the red and blue T-shirts head down to Mains Hall, on Old Glamis Road, to set up for Kidz Club at 6:30pm. During Kidz Club the blue T-shirts get involved with different jobs which include drama, games and sound.

“There is never a dull moment, at Kidz Club or in Blue Tees!" - Hannah Knight.

Blue T Shirts, old and new in Aberdeen doing activities and team challenges 

Helping and having fun is where blue t-shirts are to be found.

Red/Blue t-shirts going bananas at kids camp 

Our young volunteers winning an award from the Lord Provost at an awards

ceremony, back in February this year.

We are so proud of how much work they have done in the community.

Halloween kids club party, how scary!

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